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Elite HRV

Heart Rate Variability

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a measurement of the variation in time between successive heartbeats. You can track the indicator using an at-home sensor to get an important glimpse into how you respond to stress and how your health and well-being are trending.

Tracking HRV helps you:

  • Tune in to your body so you can make smart, informed decisions about your health, fitness, and well-being.

  • Prevent burnout from stress.

  • Avoid overtraining.

  • Identify risk of illness early to accelerate recovery.

  • Track quantified progress over time to see when your health, fitness, and well-being are improving or declining.

  • Stay accountable to your goals.


Heart Rate Variability

Your body is continuously re-adjusting to maintain a state of balance, called homeostasis. Our heart rate, blood pressure, glucose level, hormones, etc. — react to the challenges we face and the autonomic nervous system works to keep everything in balance so that we can function optimally (e.g. do not develop chronic conditions, or improve our performance)

Heart rhythm (and therefore HRV) is regulated by the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system, the one in charge of rest and relaxation. Hence, measuring HRV is an effective way to capture how our body is doing while trying to maintain a state of balance in response to different stressors (training, lifestyle, etc.).

In particular, a reduction in certain HRV features (for example rMSSD, more on this later) typically means that parasympathetic activity is reduced, and therefore we have not fully recovered or in general, there is more stress in our lives


Heart Rate Variability

ithlete measures your HRV, as well as your resting heart rate, every morning during a one minute test. After you have built up a baseline over a few days, the ithlete software algorithms compare your daily readings with baseline to determine if any significant changes have taken place. These are reflected in traffic lights for  the day’s training and in a chart to help you track trends.


Nutrition Requirements

Carbohydrate Coding
Automated daily fuelling strategy identifying when you need low, medium, and high carbohydrate meals.
Live Energy 
The first system to visualise, track and predict your energy status in real time.
Personalised Insights
Daily insights into your body’s nutrition and fuelling needs, to give you the edge.
Adaptive Kcals & Macros
Daily calorie and macronutrition targets that adjust to demands of your workouts and goals.

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Training Trackers

To track training and progess

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Analyse activities and data

VeloViewer provides fascinating insights, engaging visualisations, motivational goals and in-depth analysis for all of your Strava data. Connect with Strava to bring in your free data (25 activities, 10 routes and 250 segments) then try out all of the features VeloViewer has to offer using the same tools that have helped pro teams win the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a España.

Track fitness progress analyzes your rides, runs, swims and other activities (with and without power). It provides basic and advanced analytics and planning in an easy to use web interface with support for desktops, phones and tablets. Follow your friends and help them progress, track your FTP without doing tests, coach other athletes, communicate with the built in chat, build a workout library (for outdoor, Zwift and others) and plan your training!

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